Seiko Instruments AssurePrint Warranty and Service Program

Program Highlights:


  • Service by professionally trained Seiko Instruments technicians.
  • Only top quality Seiko Instruments parts used.
  • Guaranteed coverage for all parts and labor.

AssurePrint Plus

  • Additional year of reliable AssurePrint coverage.
  • Economical plan extends the life of your technology investment.
  • Available up to 30 days after initial purchase.

AssurePrint 24

  • Sterling guarantee of next-day replacement.
  • We pay for shipping.
  • 2, 3, and 4-year plans available (depending on model).
  • Available up to 30 days after initial purchase.

Overview    |    Terms and conditions


Seiko Instruments receipt printers are precision-engineered and rigorously tested to perform day in and day out in demanding point-of-sale environments. The AssurePrint Service Program is our ironclad commitment to back that performance. If your printer fails to operate as it is supposed to, rest assured that a Seiko Instruments trained professional will rapidly replace or repair the unit using only reliable Seiko Instruments parts.

AssurePrint Warranty
AssurePrint provides three years of worry-free warranty coverage for your Seiko Instruments receipt printer. This exceptional program gives you peace of mind, knowing that if something goes wrong, you’re covered.

AssurePrint coverage comes standard with point-of-sale receipt printers. During the warranty period, if any failures occur due to defective materials or poor workmanship, we guarantee to repair or replace your printer. All Seiko Instruments components and accessories sold with the printer are included, and the program covers all parts and labor. Repairs are normally completed within three working days.

AssurePrint Plus
Make Your Investestment Last Longer.

AssurePrint Plus coverage extends the operating life of your receipt printer with an additional year of warranty coverage. The AssurePrint Plus plan can be purchased up to 30 days after the original purchase date for the printer.

AssurePrint Plus is the economical solution to help you squeeze critical long-life performance out of your technology investment. With this extended protection, a fixed, up-front, lower cost program helps you avoid the financial uncertainty and potentially painful consequences of an unplanned outage. And you can count on the same great service provided by Seiko Instruments trained professionals.

AssurePrint 24
Ensure Your Business Stays Up & Running.

When downtime is simply not an option, AssurePrint 24 is the answer. With AssurePrint 24, if your printer fails to perform, all you have to do is call us by 2:00 PM and a replacement unit will arrive the next business day. Once you receive it, simply ship the failed unit back to us. We cover all shipping costs.

AssurePrint 24 is available for purchase in 2, 3, and 4-year increments (depending on the model) and can be purchased up to 30 days after the original purchase date for the printer.


Terms & Conditions

Seiko Instruments USA, Inc (“Seiko Instruments”) warrants to the first end user customer of the Seiko Instruments RP-B10 printer covered by this limited warranty statement that the product, conforms to the manufacturer’s specifications and will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three years from the date of original purchase. Seiko Instruments warrants that the Seiko Instruments product is manufactured from new components and parts or like-new components and parts which perform like new and meet the Seiko Instruments standard of quality.

How Service is Provided

Should your Seiko Instruments printer prove defective during the warranty period, please bring the product, securely packaged in its original container or an equivalent, along with proof of original purchase, to Seiko Instruments. Seiko Instruments will, at its option, repair or replace on an exchange basis the defective unit, without charge for parts or labor. When warranty service involves the exchange of the product or of a part, the item replaced becomes Seiko Instruments property. The exchanged product or part may be new or previously repaired to the Seiko Instruments standard of quality. Exchange or replacement products or parts assume the remaining warranty period of the product covered by this limited warranty.

What is Not Covered By This Warranty

AssurePrint Plus and AssurePrint 24 warranties are available in the US and Canada only.

This warranty covers only normal use of the printer. This warranty does not cover any third party parts, components or peripheral devices added to the Seiko Instruments product after its shipment from Seiko Instruments. Seiko Instruments is not responsible for warranty service should the Seiko Instruments label or logo or the rating label or serial number be removed or should the product fail to be properly maintained or fail to function properly as a result of misuse or abuse (for example, dropping the product), improper installation, neglect, improper shipping, damage caused by disasters such as fire or flood, improper electrical current, software problems, interaction with non-Seiko Instruments products, or service other than by a Seiko Instruments authorized representative. Postage, insurance, or shipping costs incurred in presenting your Seiko Instruments product for warranty service are your responsibility. If a claimed defect cannot be identified or reproduced in service, you will be held responsible for costs incurred.

AssurePrint 24 Next Day Warranty Replacement Service

Contact Seiko Instruments by 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday, to request a replacement printer. Calls received after 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time will be processed the next business day. Replacement units will be shipped overnight express mail. When you receive the replacement printer, return the original defective printer securely packaged in its original container or an equivalent, using the enclosed shipping label. Seiko Instruments is not liable for overnight replacement shipments, made by third party carriers, that fail to arrive the next day.

The warranty and remedy provided above are exclusive and in lieu of all other express or implied warranties including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Unless stated herein, any statements or representations made by any other person or firm are void. Neither Seiko Instruments USA, Inc. nor its affiliates shall be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use the Seiko Instruments product, whether resulting from breach of warranty or any other legal theory. Seiko Instruments entire liability for any loss, inconvenience or damage shall be limited to a refund of the price paid for the Seiko Instruments product.

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